Digital Detox

Cleanup to Optimize

We know it takes more than a pretty webpage and a few Facebook posts to launch a successful online business!


If you are an existing business we suggest a once off, brand clean-up across all your online platforms, to make sure they are functioning at their optimum capacity, before considering any packages. This includes a free web and online platform assessment. 


Package services includes:

Develop an Online Marketing and SEO Strategy

1.TARGET the right audience.

2.ENGAGE with potential clients.

3.CONVERT your audience.

Clean up of existing pages.

A consistent brand experience.

Measurable Progress with the update/activation of Google and Social Media Analytics.

Privacy Settings updated.

Improve your clients experience with the setup of customised, automated response

Link your social media pages to your website.

An assessment of your current website.

Your first set of NEW Infographics Opportunity to setup your sales funnel and market your brand.

*OPTIONAL activation of Facebook and/or Instagram Shops. Google my Business Products feature.