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Thereza Rautenbach Properties

Scope of Work included: Developing Theresa Rautenbach’s personal brand which included her logo, business cards and stationery as well as all her all digital media. This also included the development of the brands that packaged all her unique service offerings such as her own property paper and the brand for their associate company Rauthenbach Construction. A Website was developed for Theresa Rautenbach Properties as well as Rautenbach Construction. A personal photoshoot ensured that a good library of visual content was readily available for social media, blogs, news and media releases. 

Meet Theresa Rautenbach

Theresa Rautenbach uniquely positioned her personal brand by developing innovative products that enhanced her client’s experiences when using her real estate agency to invest and manage properties She also aligned herself with well established, associate brands that not only furthered her credibility but assisted her clients to grow and manage their property portfolio’s. The most important aspect of Theresa’s brand is her authentic personality and real passion for people!