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“We use brands to project who we want to be in the world, how we want people to perceive us, and how we want to feel about ourselves...”
– Debbie Millman

Unleash your Business Potential

We’re often asked the question: “I’ve launched my website and created my social media platforms but how do I actively engage with my online audience? How do I convert visitors into clients?”

As technology evolves we’re constantly presented with new and innovative online marketing methods to build brands into stronger entities; unmistakably visible, highly interactive and rock solid! The online marketing of your business on all platforms and every avenue available will attract prospects, leads and consumers in their preferred choice of media. It's like speaking a thousand languages!



This interactive workshop explores the essence of your brand and how to market yourself online. Here you will be introduced to a few of the many online business tools available that can further assist in building your brand reputation and earning brand credibility. Enhance your brand from merely activated to consistently flourishing.

Step 1: Your Brand
  • As time goes by and technology evolves we’re constantly presented with new and innovative online marketing methods to build brands into stronger entities; unmistakably visible, highly interactive and rock solid!Where do I start?
Step 2: Create your Differentiation, your Unique Selling Proposition.
  • A unique selling proposition (USP) is a description of the qualities that are unique to a particular product or service. The USP differentiates the product or service in a way which will make customers purchase it rather than its rivals.
Step 3: Your Target Audience
  • Now that you’ve revaluated your brand and formulated your Unique Selling Proposition, the next step is to determine WHO you want to talk to via your website and social media platforms.
Step 4: Make your website work for you – Search Engine Optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. This process allows your site to receive more views from potential customers.
Step 5: Clever Social Media
  • Less is more… let your social media work for you. Choose the platforms that suit your business. If you want to know what your target audience is really interested in, there’s no better place to find out than social media. From trending topics to the types of content that’s getting the most engagements, you can see at a glance what’s on your target audience's mind.
This Workshop is ideal for:
Professionals from a Non-Marketing Field moving into marketing for the first time and would like a greater understanding of how digital is influencing business growth.

Non-Marketing Leaders - titles might include CEO, Managing Director, Founder, General Manager who wishes to gain a broader view of the latest marketing trends and strategies for building customer loyalty.

Start-Up Businesses & SMEs who have a vision to grow and drive their business to success and wish to understand the important role digital marketing plays in engaging and growing audiences.

Early Career Marketers who may have experience with some components of marketing but would like to broaden their capabilities.


This interactive workshop is designed to assist business owners in the Travel and Tourism Industry to revive their businesses after the devastating effect of the global COVID Pandemic on this industry! 


The largest Online Travel Agency (OTA) holdings – Booking Holdings (,, Kayak, Momondo, etc.) and Expedia (,, Trivago, etc.) – currently dominate  the online market allowing OTAs to charge up to 30% commission for delivering online bookings to Travel Businesses such as Hotels, Guesthouses, Lodges, Resorts, Apartments and Villa’s. This workshop will assist attendees to develop marketing initiatives that will drive Online Direct Bookings Back to their Travel Business.

You will learn how to:

  • Encourage Your Website and Social Media Visitors to Make More Direct Bookings!
  • Personalize content and deliver it through the right channels. 
  • Tailor services to different customer segments. 
  • Improve loyalty programs for high-value customers. 
  • Predict occupancy on certain dates and inform visitors.
This Workshop is ideal for:
  • Business Owners in the Tourism Industry looking to revive their business.
  • Tour Operators looking to better position their services. 
  • Hotels, Guesthouses, Lodges and Villa Managers.
  • Tourism and Information Centre Managers. 
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